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Want to be on our board of directors?

The RMA is run by a volunteer board made up of employees from various media organizations, and we’re looking to add new members to our board. If you’re passionate about media, have ideas about how the organization can better serve our local media professionals, and are willing to bring those ideas to life, we’d love to have you on our board. Here are some guidelines for new board members:

-You’re a current employee, freelancer, or advisor in the Rochester media industry, or you’re a media educator in the Rochester region

-You’re willing to attend board meetings once-a-month

-You have ideas for events or programs, and are willing to help bring those ideas to fruition with help from other board members, or volunteers

-You’re eager to help with some administrative duties that help the organization run smoothly

If this sounds like you, please reach out to RMA President Juan Vazquez at . If you know someone that would be a perfect fit for our board, please send this message along to them.

Get your free drink at our next mixer on February 11

Have some fun with us on Thursday, February 11 during our next membership mixer at Matthew’s on East Avenue. The fun starts at 6 p.m.

First drink is on us, and if your membership has expired, it’s a great opportunity to renew, so you can vote for the 2016 Impact Award winners.

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Nov. 18, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

RMA Meeting Minutes 11/18

Present: Rachel, Dave, Jack, Rob, Lisa, Juan, Len

****Banquet Subcommittee to plan the program, including audio/visual presentations will meet Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. at Matthews. Just show up if you want to be involved. The fundamental question is: What do we want this banquet to look like? And we will go from there.

  1. Send out a save the date for banquet around the holidays
  1. 11/12 speed networking event was okay, not the turnout we wanted. In future, Lisa says it might be better if we do this just for students and don’t have bar and appetizers. We were hoping to break even, but will probably end up owing some money.
  1. Changing Face of Radio-still trying to find a date and location. Lisa says possibly after the February mixer. We are seeing if perhaps WXXI can sponsor.
  1. Women’s History Month movie – Lisa isn’t getting anywhere right now, but hasn’t given up. She’d like to show “Makers: Women in Hollywood.” March 10 is available. Cost $450. We need a cosponsor.
  1. February 11 Mixer – Matthews. First drink free plus free appetizers. This has been a very successful membership drive for us in the past.


Please see spreadsheet Juan mailed out for timelines. (Email below.) We have to be very disciplined about getting the Impact Award survey out right after our February mixer, which has been a great vehicle to get new members.

Sept. 30, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

RMA Meeting 9/30/15
Present: Lisa, Ed, Rachel, Jack, Dave

1. Recap of Covering a Crisis:

Good mix of people, generally the same faces. Some comments very critical of media.

About 30 people attended.

We made $80.

2. Trivia Night 10/15, 6:30-9:30pm, Everything taken care of, except still need to come up with questions. Juan and Lisa planning.

3. Speed Dating 11/12, 6:30-8:30
SJFC Gateway (arrive at 6)

4. Changing Face of Radio : Rob moderator, asking Brockport to use MetroCentre downtown.

5. We discussed coming up with a program. This has to become a priority. We would like to honor Scott Hetsko and Don Alhart for reaching 50 years. We think there should be a way to celebrate milestones, such as EJ at 10 reaching 40 years. We also discussed having each station and D&C produce a video. Many possibilities. We just have to come up with a plan.

6. Women’s History Month is March. Lisa is interested in another movie

Next meeting:

October 29, Matthews 7pm 

Aug. 12, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

RMA Meeting 8/12
Present: Jack, Juan, Lisa, Rachel, Ed, Jason, Seth, Len

1. Jack gave us a how-to on uploading content to website.

2. Ed Buttaccio will serve as a board member, pending official election next spring.

3. Event Update:

Mixer went well at Lostborough Brewery. Lisa will send out a thank you via email, along with event flyer. We lost $63 on event, which no one thought was bad. We brought in a lot of new faces.

We have to add attendees to the email list. (Juan will scan, Rachel will add.)

Thursday, September 24- How to Cover a Crisis event, panel will be selected by next week, event to be held at Fisher, 6:30pm

Do we want refreshments? Chips and water perhaps.
We debated charging for event. Majority feels we should not charge members or students. We had some discussion on what to charge nonmembers. We agreed on $3 for nonmembers.
We will reach out to PRSA to promote the event, as PR pro’s may be interested.

October 15, Trivia Night – 140 Alex

November – Speed Dating with PRSA,  at Fisher, apps and booze, date TBA, price TBA

January – Changing Face of Radio – Brockport MetroCenter possible location

February – Mixer

March – Movie

Members – Only event to push banquet – in March or April

4. Banquet:

We need to seriously think about program and need to get started on this ASAP.

5. Scholarship:

Ed would like to start one.

Next Meeting: September 9/30 7p Spot 

July 6, 2015 Board Minutes

Minutes from July 6

Present: Rachel Barnhart, Jack Rosenberry, Len LaCara, Seth Palmer, Juan Vazquez, Lisa Famiglietti, Jason Dusett, Leah Stacy Wayner

– Mixer: Lisa planned a mixer on August 6 at Lostborough Brewing

– Other events:

September 24: Covering a Crisis – Location TBA. Jack is investigating Fisher

October 15: Trivia

November: Speed Dating with PRSA (This event involves very short presentations/Q&A with small groups. Each group rotates among presenters, speed-dating style.)

January 28: Changing Face of Radio

February 25: Mixer 7 Membership Drive

April: Possible “Members Only” Mixer/Banquet push

May 14: Banquet

– Banquet:

Made $80 on 2015 banquet.

Who will MC in 2016? Tom Prioetti has agreed to MC. We’ve also asked Don Alhart if he would join as MC.

Jason had an idea that each organization designate someone to introduce their winners.

We discussed having audio/visual support for the banquet.

– Bylaws:

Need to be amended to reflect board nominations. Potential members can serve until March election.

– Website:

If you want to help Jack administers, he has the “keys.”


Submitted by Rachel Barnhart, Board Secretary

June 1, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes


Len LaCara, Rob Linton, Jack Rosenberry, Lisa Famiglietti, Dave Overacker, Mike Danger, Jason Dusett, Leah Stacey Wayner, Juan Vazquez, Rachel Barnhart


– Liked having a second bartender.
– Cocktail hour extending an hour and a half was a good move.
– We’d like to keep the buffet open longer. Some people who went up for seconds found the buffet closed. Rachel suggested investigating grazing stations, where everyone can get up at once to get food.
– We’d like to incorporate milestones into the program next year, including major anniversaries and retirements.
– We’d like to come up with a visual component to the program, such as slideshows or videos. This costs about $400-500.
– We must get things done earlier for the next banquet. Book MC, get word out about organizational winners far in advance.
– There was some talk about moving the banquet into the fall. We have tentatively booked the convention center for May 14, 2016.


Dave pointed out growing membership remains a challenge. Rachel thinks events are key to continuing to grow membership.

Rob is a big proponent of a student membership, with a suggested fee of $15. There was some debate about whether this would provide value to students and how much the organization wants to focus on students. Lisa would like to see a scholarship one day awarded by RMA.


Lisa is becoming the group’s event mastermind.

Here is what we have tentatively planned:

– Mixer in July. This could be a membership drive. Mike is exploring whether we can hold this event at Entercom.

– Changing Face of Radio in September. This would be a panel discussion.

– Branding. This would be a panel discussion.

– How to Cover a Tragedy. This would be a panel discussion.


We have to check bylaws about adding new members and determine term lengths for current board members.



Submitted by Rachel Barnhart, Board Secretary

March 28, 2015 Board Minutes

Miss Representation was a success. It created buzz for RMA. It earned $38, which was a bit of a disappointment. Lisa would like to have a similar event in the fall.

The Impact Award survey has gone out. The deadline is Monday, 4/5 at the end of the day. Finalists were people who garnered multiple nominations.


1. Hoping Jason Dusett can once again communicate with organizations for awards.

2. Jack and Len are putting together some different ticket pricing structures for our consideration. The goal would be to increase ticket sales and give members more of a break on tickets. We may end up keeping things the same, but we want to do the math and see if another structure makes sense. This will have to be decided at next meeting.

3. Rachel will reserve a date at the convention center for next year, so we can announce that at the 5/9 banquet.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, 4/8 at WROC at 7 pm.

Please park on side of building and come to newsroom door. (you will see news cars parked at the base of the steps)

– Submitted by Rachel Barnhart

Impact Awards to be presented at banquet on May 9

The Rochester Media Association’s annual awards banquet takes place Saturday, May 9, at 6 p.m. at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center on East Main Street.

The banquet spotlights the contributions made by Rochester media members in print, digital, television and radio. The evening will begin with cocktails (cash bar) at 6 p.m. with dinner and awards beginning at 7:30 p.m. Janet Lomax, reporter and anchor from News10NBC, will be emcee.

The annual banquet is when the Association’s highest honors, the Impact Awards, are presented. These are selected by the membership and are awarded to individuals who have made a measurable and lasting contribution to both the media industry and the people of Greater Rochester.

This year’s Impact Award Winners recipients are:

  • Maureen McGuire, news anchor WROC-TV
  • Andre Langston, owner, WDKX Radio
  • Karen Magnuson, editor and exceutive vice president for news, Democrat & Chronicle Media Group

Also, each media organization will honor an Establish Professional Award recipient, and a Rising Star Award recipient.

Ticket Information

Tickets pricing is based on:

  • Your membership status (Email us if you’re not sure about that. Keep in mind that membership is based on annual dues, and your membership may have expired. You can renew here to become eligible for the member rate.)
  • Whether your media organization is a sponsor for the event. Visit the sponsorship page to learn whether your organization is a sponsor.

So, select the status below that you fall within (dollar amounts are clickable links that take you to an appropriate payment button):

I’m a member:

  • $20 if your organization is a sponsor
  • $40 if your organization is NOT a sponsor

I’m not a member (You should become one…see below):

  • $30 if your organization is a sponsor
  • $60 if your organization is NOT a sponsor

OK, I want to become a member of the Rochester Media Association, or renew my membership. You can do that AND buy your banquet ticket at the same time:

  • $45 if your organization is a sponsor
  • $75 if your organization is NOT a sponsor


  • Post was updated 6:20 p.m. Friday April 10 to fix a spelling of Andre Langston’s name.
  • Post was updated 8 p.m. Sunday April 12 to add online payment links and correct starting time from an earlier post.


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    The Rochester Media Association was formed in early 2011 to build a community of professionals from a wide range of local media organizations through social activities and networking, professional development, and recognition.

    The board of directors are:
    Juan Vazquez, WXXI, president
    Lisa Famiglietti, WXXI, vice president
    Len LaCara, D&C, secretary
    Jason Dusett, News10NBC, treasurer
    Ed Buttaccio, Spectrum News
    Dave Overacker, News10NBC
    Seth Palmer, 13WHAM
    Susan Connors, News 8
    Mike Danger, Entercom Communications